Club MALA FLOTYLIYA (Matveyevsky Bay, Truhaniv island, Kyiv, Ukraine)

Sports club "MALA FLOTYLIYA" was founded in 1993 by a doctor-traumatologist, coach Vseslav Kovgan (now club Honorary President) of the  and coach Konstantin Malyovany (now the President, the main ideologue and sponsor of the club) as canoe- kayak  club.

In 2012 coach Valentin Boguslavsky founded dragonbot section.

During twenty five years club has trained more than 100 sports masters, international class sports masters, Ukrainian,  European and World champions.

The main achievements in Dragonbot

World Championship 2014 (Ravenna, Italy):

- Silver (Mix, 2000 m, 40+,  D22), (Mix, 500 m, 40+,  D22),

- Bronze (Mix, 200 m,  D22).

World Championship 2015 (Racice, Czech Republic):

- Gold (Mix, 200 m, 40+,  D22), (Men, 200 m, 50+,  D22).

- Silver (Women, 500 m, D12).

- Bronze (Men, 500 m,  D12).

World Championship 2017 (Venice, Italy):

- Gold (Mix, 500 m, D12), (Women, 200 m, D12), (Mix, 500 m, 40+, D12), (Mix, 2000 m, 40+, D12),

  (Mix, 200 m, 40+, D22),

- Silver (Mix, 500 m, 40+, D22), (Mix, 2000 m, 40+, D22).

- Bronze (Women, 500 m, D12), (Mix, 200 m, 40+, D12).

World Championship 2018 (Szeged, Hungary):

- Gold (Men, 2000 m, 40+, D12),

- Silver (Women, 200 m, D12), (Women, 500 m, D12), (Men, 200 m, 50+, D12).

- Bronze (Mix, 500 m, D12), (Mix, 2000 m, D12), (Mix, 500 m, Junior, D12).

Now the club has more than 100 athletes in different sections and age categories.

The main purpose of the club's activities is popularization of sport in society and the upbringing of a healthy nation. The difference is that everyone who has a desire, regardless of age, physical abilities, financial conditions, is accepted into the club.